Les roulements fabriqués par Sure Grip grâce grâce à la technologie 3D permettent d'obtenir une vitesse et résistance supérieure à celle des roulements standard !

Vendu par 16 

7mm (627 ZZ)

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QUBE Bearings by Sure-Grip have been years in the making, nothing has been
overlooked. Using a special 3D modelling process, we call QUBE, which means Quality
Utilizing Better Equipment, we have engineered a Roller Skate specific bearing.

For over 70 years Sure-Grip has been making the finest roller skates in the world, and now
comes the first roller skate bearing designed for roller skating. 

Several professional skaters have taken part in the design of these new bearings and we are confident that no
other bearing on the market can produce a better feel or roll. 

Trust the professionals and
trust a bearing that was designed specifically for roller skating.

Product Description and Features :

The QUBE Juice bearing was the first bearing to use QUBE 3D technology, we
are confident that this bearing will not only make you roll faster but it won’t break the
bank either. 

Skaters from around the country wanted a quality bearing that would help
them compete on the national level. 

This bearing uses some of the technologies we
developed in QUBE 3D along with “SSL” oil and a single Labyrinth seal. 

When choosing a bearing its important to have great roll but also to know what your up against,
a perfect balance in roller skating. 

Pack Contains 16 Bearings.

Also, Available in 7 mm, Pack of 16